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The Mid-State Group is your trusted independent insurance agency throughout Lynchburg, VA, Amherst, VA, Charlottesville, VA, Bedford, VA, Roanoke, VA and surrounding areas.

Your family, your business and your possessions are all important to you, but you may not know how to best protect them. We have the experience to navigate the unique risks you face, serving as your insurance advisor.

What Sets us Apart


As an independent insurance agency we have great relationships with many well-known, reputable insurance companies, giving you the power of choice.


Our insurance advisors have years of experience in the insurance industry and serve as your advocate from selecting coverage through filing a claim.


Our insurance advisors have a strong passion for insurance and protecting what you value most in business and in life. We treat our customers like family.

“Beyond Insurance” Family of Companies

Founded in 1964 as Mid-State Insurance Agency, we changed our name in 2011 to reflect an array of specialty capabilities and services fielded by individual companies under The Mid-State Group umbrella. The Mid-State Group’s name reflects a family of companies that provide our clients with targeted resources, skills, training and assistance. The family of companies includes Mid-State Insurance, Mid-State Safety, Mid-State HR, Mid-State Wellness, Mid-State Finance & Mid-State Wealth.

Our name change was a major turning point – No longer did insurance alone define us within a narrow, commoditized value proposition. Now we offered a diverse portfolio of products and services that went far beyond insurance. “Beyond Insurance” relegates insurance to the last line of defense and the most expensive way of handling risk. More importantly, individuals, families and businesses do not focus on insurance in their day-to-day lives. They focus on their health, safety, love/belonging, success, prosperity and self-actualization.

The Beyond Insurance philosophy is now Mid-State’s primary focus. Mid-State still has three divisions within Mid-State Insurance: Personal Lines, Small Commercial and Large Commercial. We also deliver Beyond Insurance solutions to insurance clients through our Mid-State Academy educational program. For example, we offer personal lines customers complimentary CPR/AED and First Aid training and for small business like restaurants, we have certified ServSafe food safety trainers and proctors on staff. These are just a facet of our spectrum of training and education programs.

Mid-State Insurance

Employers face daily risks that directly impact their ability to grow and survive. From workplace accidents to workers’ compensation, businesses need innovative custom solutions to protect what matters most. Our “Beyond Insurance” risk management audit identifies, measures and mitigates exposure throughout the year. Clients earn top rates and coverage by lowering risk profiles with better procedures and training.

Mid-State Insurance offers a spectrum of commercial insurance coverages to address unique needs, with specialties in Dealership Insurance, Manufacturer Insurance, Contractor Insurance, Medical Office Insurance, Non-Profit Insurance, Church Insurance and Workers’ Compensation Insurance.

We also manage robust small and large Group Benefits, with custom plans designed for non-profits and churches of all sizes.

Market Focus

The Mid-State GPS process works best for companies with over 20 employees. Corporate clients seek an a la carte menu of capabilities or services within Safety, HR, Wellness, Finance and Leadership. These core competencies promote cornerstone behaviors to increase employee engagement. We focus on two philosophies: Maslow and 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team. Maslow focuses on individual evolution while 5 Behaviors addresses corporate teams and leadership development. Both training paths help individuals and companies grow and thrive!

Mid-State deploys outsourced HR, Safety and Wellness experts to help with heavy administrative burdens. We streamline administrative processes and procedures so busy managers can refocus their vision and strategic planning on solid foundations for growth.

With our family of companies and our beyond insurance approach, our team can help with whatever your need; be it health, safety, prosperity or risk management – we’ve got you covered!

Some Bragging Rights
November 2012
Recognized as Marketing Agency of the Month in the Issue of Rough Notes industry magazine.
September 2014
Article in Rough Notes on our unique value proposition for benefits.

Proud partnerships with

  • Veterans Hospital of Salem
  • RockTenn
  • Lynchburg City Schools
  • Georgia Pacific
  • and many others
The mission of The Mid-State Group is to serve our clients, employees, vendors and community through education and strategies that position them for growth. When our partners succeed, we succeed. We offer comprehensive insurance solutions throughout Lynchburg, VA, Amherst, VA, Charlottesville, VA, Bedford, VA, Roanoke, VA and surrounding areas.